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Marshals and Ambassadors

MARSHALS: The parade route needs marshals to guide it and to provide self-regulating crowd control. Each marshal to wear an orange-colored vest designating "MARSHAL."

AMBASSADORS: The parade route needs people to engage curb-side viewers. Ambassadors are to hand-off pro-veg literature to these people, doing their best to answer any quick inquiries. Each ambassador to wear a green-colored vest designating "AMBASSADOR."

If you would like to volunteer for these honored positions in the 2010 NYC Veggie Pride Parade (if we have one), contact the PARADE STAFF (

Marshals, 2009
  • Jean Thaler, marshal of the marshals
  • Lisa Lindblom
  • Juan Deguara
  • Tom Thompson
  • Patti Fallacara
  • Natalie Parks
  • Jane Shakman
Ambassadors, 2009:
  • Danielle F., director
  • Carrie Smith
  • Louis Gedo
  • Carlos Pinto
  • Mike Hudak
  • Laurie Jordan
Our parade does have its detractors. First, read the comments at the Gothamist. These people do not get it, and apparently think belligerence is cool. Then, check out this email we received. Without question, we're going to need peace-keepers (our "marshals") in the parade.

From: Ann Lowenstein,
Subject: Here's a suggestion...
Date: Thu, 6 Mar 2008

Stop acting like your self-righteous little band of fanatic, terrorist whack-a-dos are some sort of "persecuted minority" and get the fuck over yourselves.

You can lie to yourselves, the credulous and overly-sympathetic U.S. press, and all the mouth-breathing retards in the American public all you want, but actual scientific evidence produced by actual real scientists keeps refuting every lie you tell, and will continue to do so Ad infinitum.

Thanks very much for posting the date and planned route of your asinine little exercise in self-contratulatory [sic], back-patting and sanctimonious navel gazing. I'll be the person sitting at an outdoor cafe enjoying a nice, juicy, rare steak with a side of foi [sic] gras and a big glass of milk as you and your flock of village idiots prance by.