The post parade rally and festival takes place in the north end of Union Square Park on April 8th from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. To view the entire program please click here.  

11 a.m.

Line up at 40 Ganesevoort Street in the Old Meatpacking District. 


Police-escorted march around Manhattan. The Parade ends in Union Square Park North.

1 p.m.

All post-parade festivities take place in Union Square Park, north end.


Hip Hop is Green
Anna Molly Barizoné
Rachel Lynn


Fred Beasley AKA Doc G
Hip Hop is Green
“Love is the Message”

Mary Finelli
Fish Feel
"Fish Advocacy: The Time is NOW!"

Karen Davis
United Poultry Concerns
“Why Calling to ‘End Factory Farming’ is Meaningless”

Tirlok Malik
Co-Founder, Ayurveda Café NYC
“Ayurveda & Vegan Food for Self-Healthcare”

 Joanne Kong
Humane Party
“What Does Veggie Pride Really Mean?”

Chef Roostie
Veggie Grub
“Owning a Vegan Business...the Journey”

Jacy Reese
Research Director, Sentience Institute
“We Need to Go Beyond Veggie Pride”

Pamela Rice
VivaVegie Society, Founder Veggie Pride Parade
"Taking Government Subsidies Away from the Meat Industry”

2 p.m.

Costume Contest


Hip Hop is Green
Upsidedown Pineapples


Victoria Moran
Founder, Main Street Vegan
“Getting that Glow Factor”

Camille Marino
Activist, Author & Former Political Prisoner
“How to Be an Empowered Activist”

Danielle Powers
Direct Action Everywhere (DXE)
“Reframing and Re-articulating Violence”

Donald Vincent
Poet, Educator & Musician
“Using Storytelling to Advance the Understanding of Veganism”

Rachel Atcheson
NYC Mayor's Office
“Meatless Mondays and Policy Change for the Animals”

3 p.m.


Anne Dinshah
Vice President, American Vegan Society
“Veganism is Fun!”

Nancy Poznak
The Humane Party
“The Many Facets of Living Vegan”

Emanuel Goldman
Scientist, Author
“Then and Now: Personal Reflection on The Movement over the Last 50 Years”

Greg Muren
Animal Rights Attorney
“The Impace of Creative Legal Advocacy”

Joan Wai
“Bringing Compassion to Our Communities”

Jabari Brisport
DSA Member and Former City Council Candidate
“Building Political Power”

Caryn Hartglass
Responsible Eating and Living (REAL)
“Have Courage & Be Kind”

Bob DiBenedetto
Founder & President of HealthyPlanet
"Eating as If You Are Enlightened"

Joyce Friedman
Voters for Animal Rights (VFAR)
“Building Political Power for the Animals: Bringing Animal Rights to the City"

Robert Mason
2018 Texas Congressional Candidate
"A New American Philosophy: Animal Agriculture & the Future of America”

4:15 p.m.

discussion panel

6:30 p.m.

Afterparty, Dinner Buffet and Comedy Show

V-Spot, 12 St Marks Place
New York, NY 10003