Veggie Pride Parade CELEBRATes people making vegan choices for the animals, human rights, & the environment.


The parade is open to all - whether you have been vegan for years or you are just curious what it is all about. However, for many, marching in the parade publicly affirms one's refusal to consume dead-animal bodies and live-animal secretions. With each step, participants denounce the view that other animals are merely objects and that exploiting and killing them is "normal" nor “necessary.”



Although we march out of this passion, this is a fun event for all, and everyone is encouraged to wear their most colorful and outlandish “vegan” costumes and gear!

All are welcome—whether vegan and or just vegan-curious—to join in the parade and in the festivities afterwards, which will include vegan speakers, a costume contest, animal-protection organizations, food, networking opportunities and more.

To march in the parade, meet at 11 a.m. at approximately 40 Gansevoort Street in the old meatpacking district (where 9th and Gansevoort intersect). People are encouraged to wear 'veggie-pride'-themed costumes and bring signs! The procession begins at noon! Groups welcome!

The march will culminate in Union Square Park North at approximately 1 p.m. where the party continues with over 40 vendors, 20 speakers, and 10 performers.

Veggie Pride Parade, now in its 12th year, is co-hosted by the Humane Party Thunder Fund, the events arm of this US political party committed to rights, personhood, and political representation for all animals—not just the human kind.

This event welcomes all! Bring your non-vegan friends and family and show them just how great the vegan lifestyle is! See you there!