Veggie Pride Parade NYC is generally a non-commercial First Amendment event. A few businesses at the post-parade rally/expo in Union Square Park are allowed to sell food or other wares, such as message T-shirts. These people have specific prior permission to do this. Otherwise, since the event takes place on public ground, commercial promotion is not a priority. 

That said-- aside from designated seller exhibit booths-- vegan-oriented non-profits and media companies, vegan authors, farmed animals sanctuaries, and vegan food companies can in general give away free donated food or other promotional items at the post-parade rally/expo in Union Square Park, north end (across from Barnes & Noble), Sunday, April 14, 2019.

NOTE: Table space at the post-parade expo is not open to the public. Each exhibitor must receive explicit permission and/or an invitation from the festival organizer — this is done in order to ensure a presentation for the outside world that is 100 percent on-topic.

8 foot tables are supplied along with a fitted black tablecloth and two chairs per table. The table space that each exhibitor has consists of half of an 8-foot table (4 feet), unless otherwise noted. (NOTE: The park only allows so many tables total, so this is why people need to double up.) Some exhibitors are even being asked to share a half of a half of a table!

Note: Food not packaged must be prepared in a city inspected kitchen; food exhibitors will be asked to present their permit—obtained from the NYC Health Department—to give away or sell food on city property. The permit is arranged ahead of time with the festival organizer.

A banner may hang off the front of tables (4-feet wide only unless you have permission from festival organizer for a full 8-foot table, and in that case, an 8-foot banner is permissable). Please plan accordingly how to adhere the banner as there will be a table cloth on the table.

No balloons or flowers are allowed.

No water or electrical connections are allowed. Generators are allowed, solar powered is preferred if it can be arranged. 

If—and only if—rain or drizzle (or brilliant sun) is forecast are exhibitors allowed to have their own tent or canopy. No staking whatsoever is allowed into the asphalt at all.

EXHIBITORS MAY NOT HANG BANNERS ON ANY FENCING IN THE PARK. If an exhibitor wants a banner behind their table, they must bring a free-standing frame for it.

Exhibitors are not allowed to bring vehicles into the park. All provisions must be walked over to tables.

If an exhibitor is giving out free food (city permit required for non-packaged items), they must make every effort to keep their exhibit space perfectly clean. If an exhibitor anticipates generating a lot of refuse, they need to take their garbage away with them to their vehicle for proper disposal elsewhere. These exhibitors must bring a garbage receptacle and garbage bags if they think they'll need them. The event is allowed some refuse but not excessive amounts.


Many exhibitors will want to march in the parade and be an exhibitor as well. This is entirely possible and, in fact, encouraged.

To accomplish this, first go to the festival site (north end of Union Square Park, across from Barnes & Noble) by about 10:30 a.m. The exhibitor's table will be labeled. If all seems in order, one should head over to the tent/ stage (which may not yet be erected). An authorized person will be in the vicinity with an orange vest with the VPP logo. Once the exhibitor is identified, this person will tell him or her where to place their gear. Hopefully that place will be inside the tent, but it may be some central place near the tent.  Exhibitors may also choose to place his or her gear below the table labeled with the name of their group/company. This is at your own risk, but we have never had any problems leaving items in the past as there will be some staff present.

Once the exhibitor feels comfortable, he or she can make their way over to the start position of the of the parade (where 9th Ave. and Gansevoort St. intersect at 40 Gansevoort Street). Please note, this is approximately a 30 minute walk from Union Square Station.



Sound Parking, 6 E 17th

7 E 14th St Garage

21 E 15th


110 E 16th, [reserve your space ahead of time]

100 E 15th

NOTE: Union Square Park is the END point of the parade and the site of the post-parade rally and expo where your table will be waiting for you.