We are currently accepting performer submissions for the 2019 parade. To be considered, email Maggie@veggieprideparade.org.


*All performers can be seen on the main stage at the post-parade festival between 1 p.m. and 5 p..m in Union Square Park North. 

Rhubarb Headshot.jpg


Hoop Dance, Drag

Rhubarbarella is the psychedelic sensation that wants YOU to try a balanced, fiber-filled plant-based diet! Aside from vegan activism, she loves incorporating circus skills, unique props, unexpected stunts, and vintage stylings into her lip sync performances. When she isn't parading around, you can catch her facilitating college drag shows, entertaining at children's birthday parties, and sprinking copious amounts of nutritional yeast on practically everything.



Acro Yoga

The Upside Down Pineapples, also known as Jennifer Margulis and Daniel Dozark, have been practicing acroyoga for the past two years. They started by watching YouTube tutorials in their living room and using their couch as a spotter, and they most recently graduated from the Warrior Bridge AcroYoga Teacher Training Program. The dedicated base flyer duo is famous for their matching pineapple shorts and high energy level both as performers and teachers.  



Musical Performer

Anna Molly's French mother gave her that long name! Kids at school used to make fun of her because combined with her (father’s) Italian last name, it sounds like "animal liberation." "how silly!” she comments. truth be told, she DOES love animals. She’s been vegan many years and wanted to understand why everyone else wasn't.  She did research and discovered exactly when our human species diverged from our natural herbivorous natures, then wrote the beautiful song adapted from Leonard Cohen’s “hallelujah” to share this history and to point to our glorious vegan future (is now). She hopes you listen carefully and enjoy. 




Rachel Lynn is a NYC-based, classically trained vocalist and touring musician whose original soulful pop music resonates with the passion of a singer-songwriter raised on 90′s pop and Motown masterpieces. Lynn has performed at numerous NYC venues including The Studio at Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, and Bowery Electric and has toured regionally across the east coast. Lynn was named one of New Music Seminar’s Top 100 Artists on the Verge, was selected to officially showcase at CMJ and the NACA Mid-Atlanta Showcase, and recently played three shows during SXSW 2017. Lynn was featured in publications such as The Philadelphia Examiner, AXS, You, Me & Charlie, and more following the release of her acoustic self-titled EP.

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Eric Walton is a New York-based activist, photographer, performer, and writer. He's been a vegan since 1991. In 2014, he founded Vegan Future Now, a grassroots organization dedicated to vegan education, outreach, and advocacy. His writing on veganism and animal rights has been published in American Vegan Magazine and the Stamford Journal of Compassion. His photographs have appeared in the New York Times, the Village Voice, the New York Daily News, and many other publications. He regularly documents animal rights demonstrations around New York City and is very honored to be returning for his third consecutive year as the master of ceremonies for the New York Veggie Pride Parade.




Jessica Michelle Singleton is a rising comedy star with a one of a kind style combining rapid fire quips with embarrassing personal experiences. She is a "paid regular" at The World Famous Comedy Store and tours all over the world. She’s a featured comedian on Playboy TV and vegan, as long as you don’t count the hearts of men, which she consumes regularly.





Seán Mallory is a native New Yorker comedian with an artillery of cerebral one-liners, social/cultural observations, and satirical concepts to satisfy your humour craving. He is also a master of word play and foreign accent mimicry. He performs at the top comedy venues in New York City including Caroline's on Broadway, Stand Up NY and several independent shows. Having a versatile range in comedy and the ability of improvising rapid funny verbal responses, Seán is suitable for various stages. He is of the few vegans within the stand-up comedy scene. He has been vegan for 9 years. He has spoke about his lifestyle on Nerdproquo podcast and Healthy AF podcast. After adopting veganism, the only time he is responsible for killing, is when he is on stage.



Hip Hip is Green

Samantha Leah is a multi-faceted, plant-based independent writer, producer, and recording artist. She began performing in commercials and theater as a young child until she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own original content as a young adult. Her  unique sound is ever-changing and ever-expanding. She possesses a strong adoration of r&b and hip-hop, but one will also find many other influences in her music; including trap, deep house, pop, jazz, and so on. She believes that music artists should not be pigeon-holed into specific genres and is, therefore, always challenging herself to create new, innovative sounds. Leah is very passionate about what she stands for and has a very hard-working mentality. She is hungry for knowledge--mostly spiritually based--and spends all of her free time reading, writing, watching informative documentaries, doing yoga, and so on. She prides herself on complete independence, hoping to prove that an artist need not be defined by a major record label, but instead by their OWN thoughts, emotions, and experiences being expressed through their OWN unique one-of-a-kind sound.



Hip Hop is Green

Darien is a young, plant-based artist born and raised in LA. He was exposed to music at a very young age, as he watched his mother, H'Atina, perform with her jazz band. Soon after, he began playing the piano and guitar in front of the crowd-alongside his mother. After discovering homelessness from 18-19 years of age, life put him through trials and tribulations that proved to play a big role in the evolution of his art. He now considered himself a “Messenger”-not a "rapper," per say. After having dabbled in writing and projecting messages in combination with melodies, he released his first mixtape titled, “Loose Leaf,” giving brief descriptions and stories within his life and, ultimately, how he felt about the darker side of human attributes. He started to produce his own music around this time, beginning solely with an old laptop and recording through voice memo on his phone. His newest music shines light on his progress as not only a human being, but a spiritual being. On his journey, he progresses more and more each day, knowing that changing himself for the better ultimately leads to changing the world for the better. 




Kristine is currently a baby vegan, having changed her lifestyle just over a year ago after researching how much it helps not just animal AND human health, but environmental health as well. She entertains crowds all over the northeast with stories of her dating life, her family, and her experiences as a teacher.

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Alex Carabaño is a busy Brooklyn native who co-owns and co-runs two Latin vegan restaurants called, “VSpot”. He has also been a televised comedian on BET’s “Apollo Live” where he won $1,000 at their legendary theater and was a contestant on the CBS reality show, show, “The Job.” In addition, Alex has performed overseas opening for Comedy Central’s Tony Woods and in the Caribbean with HBO's Wil Sylvince. He regularly performs in the New York scene at comedy clubs and has been featured in the Boston Comedy Festival.

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Jacob Williams' comedy follows his misadventures through the worlds of dating, day jobs and dining alone. He recently made his late-night network television debut performing stand-up on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (CBS). Jacob first made his primetime network television debut as a stand-up comedian on America's Got Talent (NBC)and advanced to the Semifinals. He also performed on the Comedy Central shows Adam Devine's House Party and Jeff Ross Presents: Roast Battle. Jacob has been a cast member on the hit improv/sketch comedy series Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'n Out (MTV)for seven seasons including the upcoming one. He has also provided the voice of a cartoon character on the animated miniseries Football U (MTV Other). He lives in New York City where he performs regularly when he is not on tour at comedy clubs, colleges and corporate events across America. Jacob recently made a major shift to focusing on health through diet, exercise, and a new vegan lifestyle