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11 a.m.- Lineup at 40 Gansevoort Street. Come dressed in costume!

12 noon– Parade

12:30 p.m.– Music begins in Union Square Park North end

12:55 p.m.– Parade empties into Union Square Park North end

Main Stage, Union Square Park North

1 p.m.– Welcome. Emcee Eric Walton. Festival Organizer Maggie Sargent.

1:10 p.m.– Honey LaBronx

1:15 p.m.– Fred Beasley, NYS Chapter Leader, Hip Hop is Green– "Appetite for Revolution"

1:20 p.m.– Clifton Roberts, The Humane Party– "Voting Humane Vs. Republicrat"

1:25 p.m.– Victoria Moran, Founder, Main Street Vegan– "A Prayer for Compassion"

1:30 p.m.– Jessica Carter, Food & Lifestyle Coach, Compassion Over Killing– "Plantiful Eating with Jess Carter"

1:35 p.m. –Bob DiBenedetto, President & Founder, HealthyPlanet– “Who’s More Important, Humans or Animals?

1:40 p.m.– Pamela Rice, VivaVegie Society– "The Most Amazing Fact from 101 Reasons"

1:50 p.m.– The Repressions  

2 p.m.– Costume Contest. Great Prizes!

2:15 p.m.– Omowale Adewale, Founder, Black VegFest– “Black VegFest and Beyond”

2:20 p.m.– Karen Davis, Founder & President, United Poultry Concerns– "From Exploitation to Liberation”

2:25 p.m.– Lee Hall, Attorney– “Climate and the Art of Animal Liberation”

2:30 p.m.– Cheff’ Roostie, Founder, Veggie Grub– "Unity: The Vegan By-Product"

2:35 p.m.– Johanna Sophia, Founder, Johanna’s Raw Foods & The Green New Deals– “Easy, Fun, Raw”

2:40 p.m.– Caryn Hartglass, Founder, R.E.A.L.– "Love the Foods that Love You Back"

2:45 p.m.– Rachel Lynn (singer)

2:50 p.m.–TK the Artist (rapper)

3 p.m.– Danny Carabano, Co-Owner and Founder, Vspot–  "Patterns, the Mind, and Going Vegan"

3:05 p.m.– Allie Taylor, President & Founder, Voters for Animal Rights– "Building Political Power for Animals"

3:10 p.m.– Jabari Brisport, Former Candidate, Green Party– "Why You Should Run"

3:15 p.m.– Edita Birnkrant, Executive Director, NYCLASS– “Policy Change for the Animals”

3:20 p.m.– Tracey Lall, Humane Party NY State Developer– “New York: A Beachhead for Animal Rights”

3:25 p.m.– Craig Seeman, Co-Chair, National Animal Rights Committee, The Green Party– “The Importance of Ranked Choice Voting”

3:30 p.m.– “Liz Sard” AKA Nancy Kogel (rapper)

3:40 p.m.– Upsidedown Pineapples (acro yoga)

3:45 p.m.– Mary Finelli, Founder, Fish Feel– “Fighting for our Finned Friends”  

3:50 p.m– Jill Carnegie, Co-Founder, NUMU Vegan Cheese– “The Business of Raising Consciousness”

3:55 p.m.– Mark Devries, Attorney & Filmmaker, Speciesism– “Vegetarianism and Moral Progress”

4 p.m.– Galit Mor (singer)

4:05  p.m.– Berto Calkins, Fitness Professional & Content Creator – Whats Good Berto?– “Bananas and Donuts”

4:10 p.m.– Miriam Chisholm, NY Farm Animal Save– “Watering the Seeds”    

4:15 p.m.– Katerina Travazzo, Brooklyn Queens Animal Save– “The Save Movement”

4:20 p.m.– Marlene Narrow, Founder, Vegan Nation Radio– “Veganism is ESP (Egalitarianism, Sustainability & Peace)

4:25  p.m.– Philly Stallone, Performer

4:30 p.m.– Plant Tank: live sketch of forthcoming podcast, “Veganish: The Rise of An Empire”

4:40  p.m.– The Repressions

4:55 p.m.– Closing Remarks (Maggie, Tracey)

7:45 p.m.– “Heartbeat, Official Afterparty: Dinner and Dance Party at VSpot Organic, 12 Saint Marks Place.  Tickets $25 here. RSVP and share on Facebook here.

Cooking Demonstration Stage, Union Square Park North

1:15 p.m.–Carissa Marks, Compassion over Killing, Hands-On Veganics Herb Planting

2 p.m.– Jessica Carter, Compassion over Killing, Spiralized Veggie Noodle Salad  

3 p.m.– Cheff’ Roostie, Veggie Grub, Summer Rolls

4 p.m.– Eddie Rodriquez, Veggie Frito, Raw Pastellon